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Messy Palette Art Studio - Kid's Classes

Tag-Along Art Classes

2 & 3 Year Olds

Tag-along with your child as they explore the uninhibited joy of splashing and slathering paint, poking and squeezing clay or just getting messy with markers and glue. Students will utilize and improve all of their sensory skills as they discover different kinds of art materials.  Applying slippery finger paints across textured paper or gluing fluffy cotton balls to their masterpieces will enhance coordination development. The Messy Palette Art Studio will help your child experiment with shapes, colors and textures while having a blast swirling and swishing with fantastical new sensory projects each week. Parents, rejoice! The clean-up is left to us! All you have to do is enjoy your child while you interact with them in a world of colorful imagination. 

Check out the Calendar for Available Dates & Times – 45 min. classesDrop-In Classes $15.00 per student

2 & 3 year olds art class

Artistic Discovery Classes

4 & 5 Year Olds

Paints! Glue! Glitter! Markers! So messy and hard to clean up. Yet, so fun to create with! Your child will discover and explore while improving their sensory skills. Parents, JUMP for JOY! This is where your children can let loose and explore to their hearts content! The Messy Palette Art Studio takes the place of your dinning room table or your living room floor for all those messy art projects. Students get a chance to work with their hands and get all kinds of messy without you having to clean it up! It is a great way to introduce children to art, tools and the many ways art soothes the soul. Students will learn the joy of creating. They will discover new and exciting ways to use their imaginations. The possibilities are endless. The Art Discovery class will give your child an opportunity to sample different arts, build on creative thinking, and improve sensory and socialization skills. Let your child create, get moving, have fun, and participate in a fantastic class that will get the creative juices flowing!

Check out our Calendar for Available Dates & Times – 45 min. classes
Drop-In Classes $15.00 per student

art class for 6 years old & up

Art Masters & Techniques 

6 Years Old & UP

This class gives older children a way to dig deeper into the various art techniques and mediums. Each weekly session will focus on a different artistic technique or individual artist. (i.e. collage, watercolors, Picasso, Warhol) Your child's imagination can run wild by making their own interpretations while learning about these creative techniques and artists. This class will also introduce new tools and techniques to nurture their discovery of the relationships between their creations and the world around them. The Art Masters & Techniques class is a great opportunity for the creative child to focus and develop their special talents.

Check out our Calendar for Available Dates & Times – 1 hr. classes
Drop-In Classes $20.00 per student

art classes on the go

Messy Palette Art Studio offers art classes to children from the ages of 2 years(with parent/guardian) all the way up to 13 years with a limited number of students per class. Classes will introduce a wide variety of techniques and art materials to your children. Some of the classes encourage free exploration of art supplies and tools, as well as participate in a more structured lesson time. Age appropriate lessons will include artistic elements such as shape, line, form, design, space, texture, color and value. These goals are achieved by using exercises that focus and emulate styles of historical artists and creative movements throughout history. We discover through historical artists' work but let the children  use their imaginations to create masterpieces that they will be proud of. Messy Palette's art classes will generally have a brief teaching time, a demonstration time and then a longer time for students to express themselves, often ending up with varied results driven by the individuals creativity. Our art classes encourage the development of a unique artistic vision in each individual student.


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