Kids Art Classes - Fall 2014

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As many of you already know… my SWEET little studio-mate bailed on me this Fall. Yep, little Livi went to Kindergarten this year! This is her fourth day there and already, I miss her something terrible. Well I miss her sister and their Mom too but Livi was my buddy, my compadre, my partner in crime, my helper, my ROBIN, well… she was my studio-mate. I love creating art with both of my girls, but Livi just really gets into the whole process. Well any how, that time is finished, she is moving up to bigger and better things. Yesterday when I dropped her off at Kindergarten, she gave me a hug and told me, "I got this!" and turned away down the hall. This morning she just started to walk off and I had to ASK for my hug. I know she will do great things!!!
Well… all this to say, that I debated wether or not to continue with kids art classes this Fall. After some deliberation we decided to keep the kids art classes going. So, we have the calendar set-up starting September 8 until the end of November. After that, we will see just how things are.

So on the calendar, we have 3 classes set up which look like this:

Tag-Along Class for 2+3 year olds - Mondays at 9-9:45
Artistic Discovery for 4+5 year olds - Thursdays at 9-9:45
Art Masters & Techniques for 6 years and UP - Thursdays at 3:30-4:30

Please, if you are at all interested or know of some folks that would be, come out and support my little art studio. I would greatly appreciate it and I know that you and your little ones will have a blast creating masterpieces and expanding imaginations! Thanks again for all your support and look forward to another great Fall of art classes.


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