Rockford's Fall ArtScene

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So Fall ArtScene is here as I'm typing this…  I meant to get this blog post out before the event but have been busting tail to get ready for the show!

In my opinion, one of the best events Rockford has to offer local artists has to be ArtScene. The Rockford Area Arts Council puts on ArtScene twice a year, both in the Spring and the Fall. It is a great show that gets the community together two-fold. One is to let the general population know what local businesses actually support the arts and the other is for artists to show off what they have been up to the past couple of months.

For the past two ArtScene's I have been fortunate enough to show my artwork in a great location, Bennie's Cleaners. Some other great locations include The Allegory Project, North Main Studios and State of the Art Gallery. There are 38 different locations this Fall and it was hard to mention just a few. You can pick up a map at each location or check out the Fall ArtScene website.

Last night was a great time to see old friends and network with some new folks. ArtScene is also a good time to show new artwork, kind of like a testing ground for other shows! :-) It's always awesome to chat with folks that appreciate going out in sometimes inclimate weather to check out local artwork.

Just so you know… Tonight (Oct. 4th from 4-9pm) is the last of Fall ArtScene! Maybe we will see each other! :-)


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